Generel Terms and Conditions

All prices are quoted in Euros and are subject to value added tax as dictated by governing law.

Additional services or other activities that have not been explicitly included in the offer will be invoiced separately. All dates and prices are without obligations and are fixed not before a written order confirmation has been signed.

Any charges or possible fees incurred by the GEMA and/or rights of copy, use, performance and other rights have to be applied and paid by the organizer.

The organizer ensures for adequately catering for the artists and team leader of our agency

The amount of the liable artist's social contribution (KSA) - if necessary - is already included in the above mentioned prices.

Terms of Payment:

Our invoices are to be paid by the customer immediately upon receipt of the invoice without any deduction and at no cost to ourselves.

50% of the total amount is due after receipt of the order confirmation. The remaining billing amount is immediately upon receipt of the final invoice.


Should the event be cancelled by the organizer or for any other reasons which are in the organizer's risk sphere, the following settlement dates are applied:

Up to 4 weeks prior to the event:   40 % of the total amount, plus VAT
Up to 2 weeks prior to the event:   60 % of the total amount, plus VAT
At that time:   100 % of the total amount, plus VAT


Calculation Basis:

All prices are based on calculation of the actual offer. We reserve the right to adjust prices without notice if and when bases of calculation change.

In case of an increase in the number of participants a new calculation has to be made.