„World Wide Winner” - Dinner

  • An exciting round-the-world trip through your own network –

for strong international connections.

Networking is the buzzword of the new Millennium and new working models mean it will become increasingly important for the success of entrepreneurs and companies. Every network these days includes interesting people from all over the world, who you might have met through work or when travelling – after all, life has long since become global. Some of these people are work colleagues at your own place of work, others are business partners and then there are the international friends from abroad.

Empathy and understanding are required to deal respectfully with people from different cultures and stay on the same level with them over the long term. Values such as sympathy, politeness and respect are the main factors that are crucial for investments.

Do you want to find out more about the cultures and traditions of your business partners and colleagues or develop and enhance international relations? Join us on an exciting journey for all the senses and learn all about the cultures that are most relevant to your company at this dinner event.

Our professional team of moderators will use a variety of fun interactions to lead you through the modern challenges we face and, even if you have already travelled the world, you will still learn plenty of things you didn't already know.

  • completely different way of exploring the world.

Schedule of the event

“Welcome, Bienvenue, Herzlich Willkommen”: After a welcome address given in several languages, you will be divided into teams and given your own passport. During the course of the evening, you will set off on your world trip, starting in a relaxed atmosphere with the first tasks on the habits and customs of various nations.

How should you behave, for example, at a business dinner in China? And what sort of traditions are there in Moscow? Answer these questions and solve the tasks to gain another stamp in your team’s passport.

The country team with the most stamps at the end wins the competition and will be given the official title of “WORLD WIDE WINNER Champion”.