Pasta, Passion & Pistols

  • Experience the kind of solidarity the Italians have long been familiar with -

for dynamic cooperation at

Pure passion, strong cooperation, unconditional trust, clear communications and a festive atmosphere are all motivations that are often lacking in our daily professional and private lives. These values are essential for the success of a company, for developing networks and for our own personal happiness.

After all, only those who are happy can give everything to their jobs as well! It’s not in every country that these important human values are installed from a young age like they are in Italy. And the result of these instilled characteristics are the strong Italian extended families that last a lifetime.

Would you like to discover the secrets of the southerners and turn your team into a strong extended family? Would you like your team to trust each other and therefore deliver the best results?

Our professional team of moderators will demonstrate, at an imaginative dinner event with exciting tasks, how your teams can grow together purely by communicating and having fun.

  • So who will be the next godfather?

Schedule of the event

With the classic Pasta event, the focus is on your team and unconditional solidarity – so you and your colleagues will soon develop a taste for Italy.

Divided into small family groups, which always work very closely alongside one another, you will carry out a variety of tasks. The objective of the team building exercise is to work as skilfully together as possible so that you can win as many “Mafiosi points” as possible for your own family. It's a fun way of looking at crime: secret envelopes containing sophisticated tasks are distributed to you and you must withstand the temptations of the Lucatonis and the flair of the Dolce Vita.

After all, who knows what is the driving force behind the other family?

Experience a passionate, Italian party and choose the next godfather for your team! This unique experience not only encourages the creativity of your employees, it also improves communications with each other.