Milliopoly – a joker takes you past go!

  • The ability to stay cool in competitive situations –

to take decisive action.

The business community is like an exciting game. After all, only those who put all their eggs in one basket at just the right moment can make a success of it: who dares, wins.

If you are going to make meaningful investments, you need courage and good business acumen – and all of this can be learned. The ability to work as a team in difficult competitive situations will also be required in future.

Do you stick together or do you prefer to do your own thing? Can you accept decisions that don’t fit in with your own ideas and how do you deal with this in stressful situations?

We believe: there is no better or more fun way of learning all these abilities than with a classic game, which we all remember from our childhoods. Our experienced team of moderators will challenge you to show your own personal traits and your competitiveness.

  • You get to decide on the next investment!

Schedule of the event

After an introduction, your team will pass “Go” to be given money to spend during the game
Then a draw will take place to see where the teams start their Milliopoly journeys.
Once you have taken your places at the individual stations such as the “theatre” or “gaol”, you will start by enjoying some culinary highlights. Suitably fortified, you will be given questions related to your station to answer as a team.
At the experience area, which all groups will visit several times throughout the course of the evening, your luck will be tried with various activities.

With much fun, imagination and skill, each team can increase or reduce their capital.

At the end of the evening, the winning team will be announced and celebrated with a prize-giving ceremony – after all, corporate success should be rewarded.