Business meets Art

  • The art of becoming a successful and strong team -

for the lasting success of your

Words like creativity, a high level of commitment, positive energy and good communications are more than just words.

These values form the basis for bringing major corporate visions and new innovations to life. These are the qualities that make people, as well as companies, unique. They lead us all towards more team spirit and success and they always have a solution ready for anything.

There is a real art to getting more power out of each individual employee, allowing them to achieve more – and without putting pressure on the team./p>

Supported by professional coaches and trainers, during this workshop you and your team will be individually coached to help you achieve your personal goals. The content-related and methodical workshop is based on tasks oriented towards actions, targets and results, which are practical and can be applied on a daily basis.

Schedule of the event

The theme of the meeting is established according to your own individual needs (e.g. how can we grow together as an international team?). Good communications are not only an important module here, but also the main questioning behind existing processes.

What processes could stay for example?
What new ideas do you need in your company?
And what do you need to cut out of your everyday working life to become more successful?

Through these questions, we shall look at the challenges you face together. Afterwards, you and your team will decide on a theme, which you will visualise creatively on canvas during the second part of the event.

With this creative work, you will be giving a strong team image, which will remain noticeable in your company for a long time to come.

Workshop methods to choose from:

You can choose from a variety of topics, which fit in with the theme of the meeting.

Popular questions include:
“How do we see ourselves in the future?”, “How can we differentiate ourselves from competitive consultants?”, “What is the philosophy of the company?”, “What are the strengths of our product?”, “How do our customers see us?” and “How do we see ourselves as a ‘trade partner’?”

These important answers are not only discovered through painting, but also by making collages, so that you end up with a crystal clear picture of your company for you and your team.

Clarity through art.

Team building in an instant

Here you will be divided into teams and each given a part of a puzzle, which will be projected onto a screen with colours and other materials.

Your challenge is to achieve flowing transitions between the individual parts, which can only be achieved through intensive team work and good communications.

Look forward to your creative result – a lasting, inspirational symbol in your workplace.