• Success relies on good relations

  • Discover events that have a lasting positive impact on your corporate climate.

    The main ingredients required for managing great projects are energy, dynamism, vision, creativity, empathy and trust. These are elements that also play an important role in the success of our professional and personal relationships.

    And yet the fast pace of life, digital and impersonal communications and increasing pressure mean that we are losing these essential values. Good relationships will play an increasingly important role in our future professional lives.

    This means that there are good prospects for all of us – after all, the fundamental human values in each and every one of us can be optimised.

  • By bringing these values to life, we can develop a unique team spirit, which will lead to a win-win situation for everyone.

    Managing Director, Event Manager and Relationship Coach Birgit Natale-Weber has worked with major companies and medium-sized enterprises for 16 years, organising exciting dinner events in German and English.

    Teams are fortified with plenty of fun, successful strategies and a perfect dinner.

    You can also discover our unique dinner events “Milliopoly”, World Wide Winner Dinner”, “Pasta, Passion & Pistols” and “Business meets Arts”, which meet the individual needs of your company structure and bring about a lasting improvement in the general office atmosphere. After all, great success relies on strong connections.

Milliopoly – a joker takes you past go!

The ability to stay cool in competitive situations

World Wide Winner Dinner

An exciting round-the-world trip through your own network

Business meets Art

The art of becoming a successful and strong team.

Pasta, Passion & Pistols

Experience the kind of solidarity the Italians have long been familiar with.